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SwissSEM is a dynamic, ambitious and globally acting company in the field of power electronics and silicon-based IGBT, diode and module development based in a Design and Technology Center (DTC) in Switzerland and a leading edge manufacturing site in China Jiashan.



At SwissSEM, we aim to shift the boundaries of what is considered possible - both in our products and in our technology. That creative vision drives us, and our projects, and we know that inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places. Ideas and feedback are always welcome - at every level.


Our goal is to deliver products that make us feel proud being part of it. Once accomplished, we won’t stop – we continue to strive for more and the better. We build teams that feel inspired, challenged, and motivated by their work resulting in insanely great products.


Anything you need to do great work

Take a look and see if there is something that fits your skill set.

Dynamic and fast growing success story

Starting from scratch to an established design center in less than a year. Starting from at plain field to a running fully automated assembly line in less than 1.5 yrs.


A young and highly motivated team

Collaborating with senior experts in a respectful and goal oriented manner you can fully expand your capabilities and move forward the projects and your career.


Attractive compensation and conditions

New factory

A newly built factory and offices

Modern architecture and design will inspire you and creates an open atmosphere of sharing and collaboration.

No limits

Motivation by progress and growth

Join and experience supportive and goal-oriented managerial culture, which attain your and SwissSEM goals.


Your once in a life-time opportunity

Join us and experience how your contribution is becoming a key part of our success story. Be ready to take off with us.


Pursuing excellence for a win-win future

We see our future in you and like to invest into your growth and excellence to enable our future. Training courses and continuous education are provided.


Good work life balance

We are a start-up, you will need to work hard and long sometimes, however we ensure individual freedom, care for and trust in our employees.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do personalize your cover letter: Show us your personality and match your soft skills to the position.
Do tailor your CV: Your CV shows us your path from the very first experience to the latest; highlight especially projects which fit to the job description.
Do keep it concise: In maximum 4 pages for your CV

Include an authentic and appropriate photo of you.

Provide your personal contact information, such as your email address, phone number and potal address

Only secondary education is relevant; start with the moste recent aspect of your education and professional experience.

In case you are active on social media channels such as LinkedIn, you can integrate it into your application.

Summarize your compentencies relevant to the job, language skills, IT know-how.

We want to get to know you as an indvidual person and learn about your hobbies and interests.

Adapt your resume to your professional experience: As a student or young professional, list the qualifications you have gained through university courses and internships. As an experienced professional, focus on the skills and experience you have gained in your career.

Try taking the recruiter's perspective: Why are you the right fit for this job?
Keep your CV short and simple - four pages max.
Make sure your CV is complete. Be honest
Submit your application in pdf-format and name it accordingly.

We will assess your application internally and will get back to you within a few days/weeks.

We encourage you to take the initiative and inspire us!

  • A1 - Beginners
    I can understand and use everyday expressions in order to satisfy my basic needs.
  • A2 - Advanced Beginners
    I can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of immediate relevance.
  • B1 - Intermediate
    I can understand and react in everyday situations, communicate my needs and wishes in a basic way.
  • B2 - Advanced
    I can handle everyday situations in normal circumstances, which do not require specialized use of the language.
  • C1 - Highly Advanced
    I can use the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and work purposes.
  • C2 - Mastery
    I can handle situations requiring an advanced use of the language and knowledge of the cultural customs embedded within it.

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