Beyond Boundaries: Celebrating Company Milestones

Discover a testament to our company's remarkable journey through time. This platform commemorates the defining moments that have shaped our growth, resilience, and innovative spirit. Explore a tapestry of significant milestones that narrate our evolution, highlighting our strides beyond conventional boundaries. Join us in celebrating the transformative achievements, each a testament to our dedication and collective endeavor to push beyond limits. Journey through our history, from inception to our current standing, as we pave the way for future milestones and continued success.


Our success journey

Meet the heartbeat of our success - our dedicated team. United by a shared vision and commitment, this talented ensemble embodies our ethos of collaboration, innovation, and resilience. Each member contributes uniquely to our journey, fostering a culture of excellence and driving us towards new milestones. Together, we navigate challenges, celebrate victories, and continuously strive for collective growth. This picture is a tribute to the incredible individuals whose relentless efforts fuel our success story, shaping our path towards greater achievements.
July 2023 - SwissSEM receives the IATF 16949 certification
July 2021 - Opening of our assembly factory of Sunking Pacific Semiconductor Technologies (Zhejiang) in Jiashan, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China
September 2020 - following our stringent quality targets we mastered the ISO9001 certification within 12 months after our start of SwissSEM Technologies AG
May 2020 - After a long period in the co-working space in Lenzburg SwissSEM Technologies AG opened its office located at Dammweg 23, Lenzburg (Switzerland)

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