SwissSEM reveals next products

PSIC 2022, the 5th Power Semiconductor International Conference - Power Semiconductor's Key Technologies and Market of China New Energy Vehicle was held on 14-15 July in Wuhu, Anhui Province, China. With the topic of "Innovation and Low Carbon - Sustainable Development of New Energy Vehicle and Power Semiconductor", the conference focused on basic chips, packaging materials, equipment, devices, electric drives and vehicle industry chain resources. Nearly 400 professionals from upstream and downstream of the vehicle, electric drive and power semiconductor industry chain attended the conference.

SwissSEM presentation at PSIC 2022:
PSIC2022 Swiss SEM conference contribution

The COO of SwissSEM Mr. Sven Matthias gave a presentation on the topic of "Innovation and Breakthrough in Industrial and Vehicle IGBTs". He introduced the outstanding performance of i20 IGBT chipset and ED type module, and released the HEEV SiC module for new energy vehicles and ST type module for new energy generation and industrial.

SwissSEM booth at the PSIC conference:
PSIC 2022 Swiss SEM booth

At the same time, the booths of SwissSEM was widely noticed by attendees, and they had an in-depth communication about SwissSEM’s products and technologies.

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