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Details make the Difference

Our product for demanding renewable and industrial applications


Product Details

  • VCE = 1200 V with various current ratings up to IC = 2 x 750 A
  • i20 ultra-low loss fine pattern trench IGBT chip-set
  • Baseplate isolation with Al2O3 ceramic of 3400V
  • Copper baseplate for low-thermal resistance
  • Industry standard package
  • UL recognized
Wireframes ED Modul

Development of IGBT modules & creating a state-of-the art power module assembly line

This isn't only our first product that we developed and assembled in our factory. This is also a symbol of our commitment, our team-work and the excellent collaboration between our partners and us.


Technical Experties

Speeding up the electro-magnetic module design for maximum Chip performance utilization and highest robustness with latest tools for bond wire routing and electromagnetic simulations.


Our Jiashan assembly site in action


A superior performance for demanding applications

Performance plot of our highest available current rating compared to competitor 1

A performance advantage of a highly reliable product is the essence of our efforts

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