SwissSEM 在一个高度积极的团队中为你提供一个有趣的角色,加上开放的沟通结构,以结果为导向的方法,我们将创造明天。


测试: 設施
工作经验: 3年
语言: B1 - 中级
工作地点: 中国嘉善


  • Provide customers with product application support, including technical communication, testing, reference design and so on. To deal with product quality issues reflected by customers, coordinate and promote internal determination of root causes.
  • For application support to provide an experimental platform to maintain customer relations and brand image.
  • China semiconductor market research: competitor analysis, product comparison analysis, new product market positioning.
  • gent products and technical training.

We Offer

  • An exciting opportunity
  • Attractive compensation
  • Training courses to maintain proficiency
  • Good work life balance


  • Familiar with the IGBT and other power semiconductor devices working principle, master the IGBT hardware design principle, proficient in a variety of IGBT failure principles and avoidance measures, skilled use of IGBT test instruments.
  • Understand the important IGBT applications: wind turbine, locomotive traction, electrical quality, general-purpose inverter and so on.
  • More than 3 years of IGBT and other semiconductor modules technical support and market application experience.
  • Undergraduate or above, microelectronics / electronic information major,
  • Cet-4. Good spoken English is preferred.



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