SwissSEM 在一个高度积极的团队中为你提供一个有趣的角色,加上开放的沟通结构,以结果为导向的方法,我们将创造明天。


测试: 市場
工作经验: 5年
语言: B2 - 中上级
工作地点: 中国嘉善


  • Responsible for the management of the department, the implementation of the company's rules and regulations responsible for the formulation of department management system, employee performance appraisal / work procedures, supervision and implementation of discipline.
  • Provide customers with product application support, deal with customer-reflected product quality issues, coordination, promote internal determination of root causes, for application support to provide an experimental platform to maintain customer relations and brand image.
  • China semiconductor market research: competitor analysis, product comparison analysis, new product market positioning.
  • Agent products and technical training.
  • For on-site technical support engineers to solve more complex customer problems.
  • Focus on customers to provide direct technical support, including technical communication, testing, reference design and so on.

We Offer

  • An exciting opportunity
  • Attractive compensation
  • Training courses to maintain proficiency
  • Good work life balance


  • Familiar with IGBT, MOSFET and other power semiconductor devices working principle, master the IGBT hardware design principle,
  • Fluent in all kinds of IGBT failure principles and avoidance measures, skilled use of IGBT test instruments.
  • Understand the important IGBT applications: wind turbine, locomotive traction, electrical quality, general-purpose inverter and so on.
  • Has more than 8 years of IGBT and other semiconductor modules technical support and market application experience.
  • Has a wealth of personnel management experience, management position experience of more than 3 years.
  • Undergraduate or above, microelectronics / electronic information major,
  • Cet-4. Good spoken English is preferred.



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