SwissSEM 在一个高度积极的团队中为你提供一个有趣的角色,加上开放的沟通结构,以结果为导向的方法,我们将创造明天。


测试: 過程
工作经验: 5年
语言: B1 - 中级
工作地点: 中国嘉善


  • Responsible for the day-to-day management of the process department, implement the company's rules and regulations, responsible for the formulation of department management system, work procedures, supervision and implementation of process discipline.
  • Responsible for organizing process review, completing the design of parts and components process plan, and formulating standard working hour quota, process flow, maintenance system process data (BOM, route, material quota, working hours, etc.).
  • Responsible for organizing the signing of new product drawings and batch trial production of new products process, equipment, workwear design, improve the trial production report and related process information, participate in the identification of new products.
  • Responsible for organizing and leading the experimental research work of new technology and new technology, grasping the summary and identification of the results of the process test subject, and organizing the promotion and application.
  • Organize the process personnel to go deep into the production site, master the quality situation, guide and urge the workshop craftsman technicians to solve the technical process problems arising in the production, and do a good job in the technical service work of the process.
  • According to the technical quality needs, the actual process equipment and responsible for the process equipment, workwear verification and improvement work.
  • Responsible for organizing the implementation of prenatal process preparations for products, the formulation of new product trial products, to solve the process problems in the production process, do a good job in process guidance.
  • Participate in product quality analysis and analysis and handling of major quality and equipment accidents, assist relevant departments in the identification of repair products, validation of repair programs, and feedback of information.
  • Responsible for the development and inspection, diagnosis and implementation of the department's policy objectives, do a good job of monthly analysis and summary. Responsible for the management and performance of the department personnel, and continuously improve the efficiency of the department.

We Offer

  • An exciting opportunity
  • Attractive compensation
  • Training courses to maintain proficiency
  • Good work life balance


  • Five years and above IGBT packaging line work experience, familiar with the packaging process, responsible for the production process, improve product yield;
  • Skilled use of basic quality analysis tools and analytical methods to improve product processes
  • Be proficient in data collation and use Minitab or JMP to analyze the finished data
  • Skilled use of 6Sigma and 8D to solve process problems
  • Learn about MSA, SPC, PFMEA, control plan, etc.
  • Fluently in English reading and reporting



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