SwissSEM 在一个高度积极的团队中为你提供一个有趣的角色,加上开放的沟通结构,以结果为导向的方法,我们将创造明天。


测试: 過程
工作经验: 5年
语言: B2 - 中上级
工作地点: 中国嘉善


  • Conduct IGBT product characteristic testing, including dynamic, static testing, thermal resistance testing, etc.
  • The test data/results are analyzed and summarized, and the test report is issued.
  • Be able to build your own laboratory test bench and be familiar with high-voltage/high current testing.
  • Guide and train new engineers.

We Offer

  • An exciting opportunity
  • Attractive compensation
  • Training courses to maintain proficiency
  • Good work life balance


  • Undergraduate, power electronics related major.
  • More than 3 years of IGBT module testing/application experience.
  • Have the basic knowledge of semiconductor physics.
  • Understand the characteristics of the IGBT module and be familiar with the relevant test projects.
  • Cet-4, good spoken English is preferred.



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