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Supply Chain Manager

测试: 購買
工作经验: 10年
语言: C1 - 高级
工作地点: 中国嘉善


 Roll out the second source strategy

 Find new potential suppliers

 Determine key supply chain KPIs

 Perform risk management to minimize project risks, track and measure project performance using ap-propriate tools and techniques and report/escalate appropriately to management

 Support the R&D Department, in setting up new supplier relations, contracts ect.

 Experienced in setting up contracts, frame agreements, supply contacts

 Improve logistic-flows, and reduce costs

 Support in yield Improvement projects

 Suggest solutions for process improvements to improve yield and reducing costs

 Read and comprehend legal documents

 Understanding of principles of accounting and finance.

 Manage the relationship with the suppliers and all stakeholders


 An exciting opportunity

 Attractive compensation

 Training courses to maintain proficiency

 Good work life balance

 Modern workplace


 10+ years of experience as a Supply Chain Manager

 Degree in Engineering, industry-specific, long-term experience in Supply Quality Management

 Degree in Business Management, Supply Chain Management

 Familiar with the IGBT module packaging processes

 Hands on experience with supply chain management software (such as SAP MM, PP, QM)

 Knowledge of the applicable laws and standards relevant to our industry, such as the requirements of ISO 9001 and IATF 16949

 Ability to manage logistics of all aspects of supply chain, from product development to the shipment of finished items.

 Understanding of accounting, finance, and legal documents

 Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on company’s success

 Strong project management background and hands on experience

 Team player with strong organizational skills

 Strong communication skills



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