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SwissSEM is a rapid growing independent supplier of power semiconductors. Our profound knowledge of application and market requirements, combined with our technical expertise, allows us to develop smart and sophisticated solutions. We make industry applications more efficient. Our goal is to drive a more sustainable, yet greener mobility and provide products that facilitate the conversion of natural resources into green energy.

Natural Energy


Electricity from natural sources, such as sun and wind, varies over time and can not be fed directly into the electricity network. Our IGBTs are at the heart of the power conversion and shape electricity into the right form and stability so it can be fed into the grid.
Natural Energy


Electric motors drive various industrial applications, such as ventilators, cable cars, and paper-processing machinery. Such applications require motors with a variable speed and power output. With our IGBT power semiconductors, the power-flow and shape of electricity can be nearly lossless controlled, saving up to 30 % in energy compared to previous methods (like lossy mechanical throttling.)
Electric car charging

Electric Vehicles

Greener Transportation requires a shift from fossil fuels to more sustainable sources. Electricity can be generated with renewable energy and it can be stored either in batteries or as hydrogen. Cars, buses, trucks and trains are either directly powered by electricity via catenaries or with on-board stored energy (originating from batteries or hydrogen). Our IGBT semiconductors drive the electric motors of the vehicles with a conversion efficiency way beyond 95%.
Electric car charging

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SwissSEM is progressing at high speed. The manufacturing-site is fully operational and the capacity is more than doubled these days.
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What we do

We design power semiconductor products that drive a more sustainable, yet greener mobility. By converting natural resources into green electricity, we make industry applications more efficient.
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Be part of this highly motivated, cosmopolitan team of engineers and scientists.
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Our creativity and innovation will help to drive forward fundamental new technologies in the field of power semiconductors!

Our in-depth knowledge in designing and developing power semiconductors will eventually have a significant impact on a more sustainable, clean and green environment.

Ultimately it is our main objective to carefully manage and handle the tight resources of our planet in an appropriate manor and also, to ensure an optimal balance between the economic growth and the ecological aspects of our environment as both are essential for the prosperity of ourselves and future generations!

SwissSEM – We provide the power for your drive!

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Our facilities overseas

We purchased land in July 2019 and building of our module assembly line commenced in May 2020.

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