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Details make the Difference

Our product for demanding renewable and industrial applications


Product Details

  • VCE = 1200 V with various current ratings up to IC = 2 x 750 A
  • i20 ultra-low loss fine pattern trench IGBT chip-set
  • Baseplate isolation with Al2O3 ceramic of 3400V
  • Copper baseplate for low-thermal resistance
  • Industry standard package
  • UL recognized
Wireframes ED Modul

Schematic IGBT manufacturing

  • IGBT cell processing at decisive process stages

Dive into the Details

Have a closer look at the heart of our SwissSEM products

Wafer set


200 mm diameter

  • Produced in state-of-art world-class wafer fabs
  • Advanced thin-wafer processing for tailored buffer and anode
Wafer disc


Dimensions of the chip

  • 15.68 x 12.02 mm2
  • 125 micrometer thick
  • 126 dies per wafer
Chip set


Details of the chip-edge

  • Ultra narrow termination
  • Resulting in more space for the active area by same chip-size
  • Our customer benefit from lower losses
The edge


Fine Pattern Trench Cell with Field Stop Backside

  • Fine pattern Trench / Narrow Mesa
  • Optimized N-Enhancement design
  • Short channel for low resistance

Low conduction losses (VCE,on)

  • Advanced 3D structure and P+ design
  • Laser annealed buffer and anode
  • Ultra thin N-base design

Low switching losses (Eoff and Eon)

The cell


Controllability for IGBT turn-on

Tailoring the turn-on speed by the external gate resistor at nominal conditions


High safe operating area at extreme conditions

Incrementally increased current is safely turned-off until short circuit mode is reached beyond >2.6x nominal current
t (s)
Tcase = 125°C, varying Rg_on = from 8 to 0.47 Ohm, Ls = 30 nH at nominal conditions
Tcase = 175°C, Rg_off = 1.5 Ohm, Ls = 30 nH, IC incrementally increased from 1500 A to 2100 A, VCC = 800 V


Tailoring turn-on by external gate resistor

Adjustable to your application specifics

Benefits of this solution:

  • Controllability in IGBT turn-on is achieved and enables our customers to tune this device to their application needs


Robust IGBT Performance under SOA-conditions:

Even at case temperatures exceeding the maximum limits of the datasheet the robustness is given.

Benefits of this solution:

  • Robustness demonstration of the selected internal electrical layout
  • Reflection of excellent raw-material selection and build quality
  • Excellent ruggedness of our in-house i20 chip-set


It's in the details

Together with the IGBT​ we developed the accompanying free-wheeling diode enabling the best overall chip-set performance.
  • Advanced emitter efficiency management​
  • Anode: Diffusion profile optimization​
  • Cathode: Laser annealing of buffer and emitter​
  • Low diode losses (VF and Erec)

Development of IGBT modules & creating a state-of-the art power module assembly line

This isn't only our first product that we developed and assembled in our factory. This is also a symbol of our commitment, our team-work and the excellent collaboration between our partners and us.


Technical Experties

Speeding up the electro-magnetic module design for maximum Chip performance utilization and highest robustness with latest tools for bond wire routing and electromagnetic simulations.


Our achievement and offering after 2.5 yrs

Excellence and quality


  • Own ED-type frame with rugged injection molded connectors and 2 mm thick power-terminals
  • Copper bond-wire interconnects: Lowest connection resistance
  • i20 IGBT & diode chip-set with lowest losses
  • Pre-shaped copper base for a reliable contact to the heatsink

Our partners and suppliers criteria

  • Solid and broad supply base
  • Experienced supplier to power module manufacturer
  • High quality certifications of suppliers (ISO, IATF etc.)
  • Global presence and distribution network

Assembly factory

  • Fully automated product assembly and testing
  • State of the art assembly tools
  • Successfully passed demanding product qualification and extensive reliability testing


Our Jiashan assembly site in action


A superior performance for demanding applications

Performance plot of our highest available current rating compared to competitor 1

A performance advantage of a highly reliable product is the essence of our efforts

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